About DLL-Files.com

At DLL-Files.com we are a close-knit team working on the vision of assuring the continuing usability of our customers’ computers. With an extensive library of dll files, a dedicated software solution for the dll problem and associated registry errors, we are on our way.


Starting out as a small one-man operation in 1998, the buzzing office we now inhabit in central Malmo, Sweden, shows that a good idea can be made into something great with a bit of effort and good people.

Surviving as an advertisement financed site through the end of the ’90s and mid 2000’s, we decided in 2009 that the volume of traffic we were receiving, and the obvious help our visitors had from us, that it was time to take it to the next level. We developed our software, the DLL-Files Fixer, and began marketing it ourselves. We still hold onto our roots as a free-service site, and offer the majority of benefits as a free service. The software acts as an automation for that service, a way of solving dll-problems in an intuitive and simple way, and is offered for a nominal fee. This allows our customers to choose for themselves which ‘level’ of service they require, if they are more tech-savvy and like to fiddle around with their PCs, or if they prefer a simple solution. We still feel that this was the right way to go, since it allows us to distinguish ourselves from the many ad-run, supposedly ‘computer help’ sites out there.

Now, three and a half years later, we have more than 4 Million visitors each month, and 10 Million active users of our software. As the latest entry in the company, I feel it is my privilege to continue adding to this success story and help serve our customers, our visitors, and every PC user out there, in an even better way moving forwards. I intend for this blog to be the outlet for that story, as well as a view into the goings on in this little space of the IT world.

If there’s ever anything you feel is missing in here, or for that matter on our website or the services that we offer, I’d appreciate you getting in touch as we are always looking for ways to improve further. Feel free to comment on anything and everything, and link us from ‘everywhere’!


With the warmest of regards

Björn Sundqvist

Market Manager DLL-Files.com