Release of DLL-Files Fixer v.3.3

We have been working on this for a long time now.

New Fixer Status Tab
New Fixer Status Tab

We have updated significant portions of the look and feel to try to better explain the functions and benefits of our DLL-files Fixer app.

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(v. 3.3.90)

For a while, we have heard concerns from a couple of Anti-virus vendors that they thought our marketing was a bit too hopeful, and in some cases we advertised performance gains related to cleaning of the registry that we were not able to guarantee for all users.

We’ve listened to these concerns, and also found in our own testing that, particularly on newer Windows 10 machines, the effects of cleaning the registry are less obvious than for older machines. With our new app design we hope that this is more clear.

In clear terms what this means is:

Previous versions of the DLL-files Fixer app may have had some functions and communication blocked by anti-virus programs and external Firewalls. The reason for this was not that our app was considered a virus, but because of what’s known as a PUP or PUA detection, a category that includes software with undetermined status, unknown effects, and possibly unwanted behavior such as installing without user consent.

It might take a couple of days for some Anti-virus vendors to update their services, but basically from this week on you should not experience any Anti-virus products interfering with how the Fixer app works. If that is still the case, please contact us immediately so that we can investigate.

The update also includes:

Improved logging of actions.
Improved translations to all languages.
Changes to Registry Scan Results UI.
Changes to exit messages.
Changes to app launch with Windows behavior. When app launch is accepted, app will no longer launch and run in background, but will ask for consent to run in main app UI.

Most of these changes will be apparent to new users mainly, but some changes to Status Tab and Registry Scan section will be apparent to all users, new and old.

We hope you like the changes!


Release of DLL-Files Fixer v.3.3