Announcing DLL-Files Fixer release v3.2

Announcing DLL-Files Fixer release v3.2!

We are very excited to announce a new release for our DLL-Files Fixer software! This latest version takes into account many user-requests from the past few months and comes with exciting new features.

For an optimal experience and maximum security we urge you to update to the latest version NOW!

Notable features:

  • Advanced Installation Option: If you don’t want to install the file(s) recommended by our search algorithms, you can choose advanced installation, where you pick exactly which version of the DLL file you need to install, and specify which specific location on your computer to install it to. This is particularly useful for custom applications that typically come bundled with their own distinct .dll files, as well as for PC Games that often look to find DLLs in their own root folder rather than the machine System folder.

  • Improved UI with Trial & License status notification: We have redesigned the Fixer UI to include clearer information on what features are available with the Trial version, clearer information for those who choose to upgrade to the Premium Version, as well as better information for already active and expiring licenses.
  • Bug Fixes on DLL Installation: Some residual bugs related to overwriting/backup of files that are installed. All DLL files that are overwritten on your machine will be saved to the dll-files %appdata% folder on your machine for easy restore if necessary.
  • Improved logging: All activities the Fixer carries out on your machine should now be properly logged in the local log file, saved in the dll-files %appdata% folder for your perusal. This log file is also great to have and attach in case you need to contact our technical support.
  • Improved Translations: Some translations for TR, PL, GR/EL are updated, with minor fixes to other languages.



The new version is live on the website and we will set an auto-update of all older versions of the Fixer early next week!


We continue to work hard on improving features in the DLL-Files Fixer as well as adding new features that are needed to bring it to the next level.

Have anything to add? Let us know in the comments if YOU think something is missing, or there’s a feature/function we can add that would make your life easier! We would also welcome feedback on recent changes. We are particularly excited to hear what you think about the new “Advanced Installation” option!




Announcing DLL-Files Fixer release v3.2