Announcing DLL-Files Fixer release v3.2

Announcing DLL-Files Fixer release v3.2!

We are very excited to announce a new release for our DLL-Files Fixer software! This latest version takes into account many user-requests from the past few months and comes with exciting new features.

For an optimal experience and maximum security we urge you to update to the latest version NOW!

Notable features:

  • Advanced Installation Option: If you don’t want to install the file(s) recommended by our search algorithms, you can choose advanced installation, where you pick exactly which version of the DLL file you need to install, and specify which specific location on your computer to install it to. This is particularly useful for custom applications that typically come bundled with their own distinct .dll files, as well as for PC Games that often look to find DLLs in their own root folder rather than the machine System folder.

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Announcing DLL-Files Fixer release v3.2

Happy Single Awareness Day! ❤

Happy Single Awareness Day! ❤ (and 50% discount)


Who needs a Valentine? Tomorrow is NOT for love birds, tomorrow is Single Awareness Day (S.A.D.), it’s a day when we celebrate how great it is to be Single. A Day to celebrate that we are Free. A Day to celebrate Things That Truly Matter (TTTM, FYI).

Happy Single Awareness Day!
Happy Single Awareness Day!


Candlelit dinner with the spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend? No Way, more like a pizza and a bag of chips!

Join us in celebration of this special holiday and post YOUR S.A.D. Things That Truly Matter (TTTMs) in the comments!


TTTM #1: My computer. Take extra loving care for it this S.A.D. Make sure your anti virus is active and up to date. Make sure you have gone through those 2999 Windows updates you’ve postponed since MidSummer 2013. Got some new PC Games since Christmas? Update your drivers, Get Driver Scanner to help you out, and make sure your DLL-Files Fixer is updated (You DO have DLL-Files Fixer on your PC right?) Give it a good run-through to clean out errors on your computer. Why not defrag that old girl once? Show your PC some love!

If you don’t have a valid license, grab a DLL-Files Fixer key here at 50% off!*


TTTM#2: My Whiskey. Why not dust off those bottles a bit? If you’re like me, you’ve got a few that you’re saving for a special occasion. Give them a good rub, and open a couple: This is S.A.D., that’s a special occasion!


TTTM#3: My Friends. This one is simple, invite a few, throw a party, celebrate your friendship and (be a giver, come on) let them taste those special whiskeys from #2 above 🙂

Friends abroad? Have them Skype in and join the party from wherever they are!


TTTM#4: My Family. This one can be a bit trickier. Do you really want to give your beer-drinking aunt or Bailey’s-drinking uncle some of that expensive Whiskey? I dunno, maybe give them a call and say hi instead? 😉


TTTM#5: My Computer. I know I know I know, this one’s already been used. But seriously, I spend more time on the computer than I do drinking whiskey. I see my computer more times than any one of my individual friends. Frankly, I talk to my computer (well, yell, but still) more than I speak to anyone in my family. My computer deserves both First AND Last place on this list. Take care of your computer this S.A.D.!

Don’t forget, you can get a 50% discount of DLL-Files Fixer here* to help you out.


Join us in celebration of this special holiday and post YOUR S.A.D.  Things That Truly Matter (TTTMs) in the comments!



Bjorn – Marketing Manager

*Offer valid until Monday 16th Feb.



Happy Single Awareness Day! ❤