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Happy Holidays Everyone from us here at!



Many of us get some well-deserved time off over the holidays this time of year. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or maybe just take a couple of days off for the New Year, I’ll bet it’s worth it!

Here at we’ve had an incredible year with lots of stuff happening, both in developing the website and our software. We’ve also had the best year ever in terms of growth and we’d like to celebrate that achievement with you guys and gals who make it so! So, I’ve got a great offer for you today, Read on to see what it is!

But first, I wanted to make a couple of notes on 2014:
IT security has taken a bit of a hit this year. There’s been lots of high profile hacks on companies such as Apple, Sony and Target, but there has also been a serious and scary increase in the number of attacks targeting (or starting out with) individual user computers.

Here at we’ve seen this clearly in the types of requests we get in. Many of these are about some files being corrupted as a result of malware attacks and need to be replaced. Of course, it’s also been a great year for gamers and we see this in the increased need for graphics and compatibility files.

So, to ensure you are safe over the holidays and throughout 2015, here are three steps you need to take:

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    1. 1. Malware protection, keep your computer safe! There’s none better than Malwarebytes. Ask anyone. It’s also pretty cheap for the protection you get, so check out Anti Malware Pro here.


    1. 2. Keep your file systems and registry clean. DLL-Files Fixer can help clean up the mess and get your computer working again after an infection has been dealt with by Malwarebytes. Get a new DLL-Files Fixer license now at 33% discount!


  1. 3. If you are a gamer, there are clear benefits to keeping your entire computer tidy and up to date, this means disk management, defragging, startup service management, driver updating. All those ‘boring’ and difficult tasks. Good news though: You can get all of this is at the same time by using this special bundle offer on SpeedUpMyPC2015+DriverScanner2015+MaxiDisk at 50% DISCOUNT!


On all this you are saving more than $50, not to mention that you will likely keep your computer running instead of at the repair shop!


So to round off, again I would like to wish everyone a great and happy end to 2014, and we look forward to what 2015 will bring us!


Warm Regards
Bjorn Sundqvist
Marketing Manager –

Season’s Greetings, 50% Discounts, Updates & More from!