30 Million Strong!

We have just reached 30 million installations of our DLL-Files Fixer! Not bad considering the service is just about 2 years old (launched first time in April 2011), and averaging more than a million installations per month. This also means that with a program size of about 4MB we have now distributed a staggering 120 Terabytes of software. And that is not even counting the individual .dll-files that are downloaded through the Fixer.

How much is 30 Million?

Of course in terms of money, most would know what 30Million USD/EUR/JPY/BRL would get us, but in terms of users/people? Well, it’s just about Facebook’s entire African continent user base. Oh, and by the time Instagram was bought out by Facebook for $1Billion they had amassed 30 million users (source: TIME). If we were to assemble all our users, it would equal the population of Malaysia, Morocco or Peru, and about 37500 times the population of the smallest state in the world, Vatican City (source: Wikipedia). Or why not create a human wall by linking arms that could wind around the earth 1.2 times around the equator. Yup, with our loyal users we could separate the earth in two with a wall of flesh! (Simple arithmetic: 30M*1,6metres=48,000 km / 40,008km equatorial circumference). Right, that’s not taking into account how we would get people around tall mountains, or stand on water, but come on give us a break the idea is still sound!

30 Million Improvements

Every time one of our users decides to get our software it’s one more opportunity to improve our offering. Although we don’t propose to have a 30million times better offering now than we did, we have improved our service a whole lot over the years. To be sure, if our single most downloaded file has been accessed 5million times, we must be doing something right!

We will be posting regular updates here on new features that are soon to be launched, so keep an eye out!


Best Regards

Björn Sundqvist

Market Manager DLL-files.com


30 Million Strong!