Founding Story

So, what happened in 1998? What was that stunning new technology that hit the market, causing all types of .dll-related problems that just had to be solved?

It all began with this screensaver on a Windows 95 machine:
3d screensaver

I went to a friend of mine that had this really cool 3D screensaver on his computer. Can you imagine a 3D Screensaver!? That was amazing! I got the screensaver on a 3.5 inch floppy disk and tried to install it on my computer. But then suddenly…

missing opengl32.dll


I couldn’t run the d**n screensaver because of a missing dll-file. But I thought that I should be able to download this specific dll-file from the Internet. So I went over to Altavista (of course!) and searched for “opengl32.dll”. I got a lot of search results, but none of them gave me the option to download the file. But there were tons of people writing in forums that they had the same problem (not sure though if they needed it for the cool 3D screensaver or for some other application…). After some months (yes, things went slow back in 1998) I got the opengl32.dll from another friend (can’t remember why I didn’t ask the first friend…could have saved me hours upon hours of work..) and finally I could run the super-duper-cool 3d screensaver. I was happy! =)

The Website

Fortunately I got the idea to start a website were other people could download this specific dll file. I knew there were a demand and pretty fast the website got around 100 visitors per day. That was a lot back then! From the people that downloaded opengl32.dll from my website I got requests to put up even more dll-files, which I did. In the beginning I started out with some free hosting websites and the domain name was registered two years later in 2000. It all started 1998 with one file and 100 visitors per day and today in 2013 we have thousands of files and 150 000 daily visitors. It all started with you people out there being specific with what files you needed and we really hope that we can continue being the number one website to help you with your dll problems! And during all that time, as you can see, I have barely changed at all! Fantastic.


Filip Larsson
Founder, CEO,




Founding Story

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