A journey through time…

What was the web like back in 1998 digi theme?


To begin with, the web was spun by a smaller spider, that’s for sure. Fewer sites and fewer options is reflected in the comparably low user ratings. In 1998, about 3.5% of the world’s population were online, today it’s well over 30%.

Interconnectivity between people and sites is greater, social media has exploded on the market, and designs are more flexible than ever. For instance, our web address started out at a local host in Sweden and an early version looked like this:

dll-files.com circa 2000
dll-files.com circa 2000



As compared to our current website design

And what about the most popular sites in 1998?

Many things change over time: Actually some of the most popular sites of the time were Geocities, Lycos and Bluemountain (yeah, remember that good old greeting card craze? This was the place for shopping around). By now, Geocities is part of the Yahoo family (incidentally, Yahoo is one of the few top sites of -98 that’s still on the list today) while Lycos and Bluemountain have tumbled (ranked around 10,000th most visited today). AltaVista was still in the race for most popular search site and Google (now more than 90% of online searches worldwide, and one of the most visited sites ever) was still in Beta testing and looked very retro.

Facebook was nowhere to be seen and most social activity was found in scattered forums, with the early attempts arround -98 being Six Degrees and LiveJournal. After all, most of the social media sites we’ve gotten used to now, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace and the like didn’t show up until around 2003-2005. Personally I believe the advent of more readily available high-speed internet access (adsl and fibers are now common in most western countries) has been the most important factor for driving this forward.

Please leave a comment and let us know what you think! What are the biggest/most important changes that has affected your online browsing habits?


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Market Manager DLL-Files.com
A journey through time…