Release of DLL-Files Fixer v.3.3

We have been working on this for a long time now.

New Fixer Status Tab
New Fixer Status Tab

We have updated significant portions of the look and feel to try to better explain the functions and benefits of our DLL-files Fixer app.

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(v. 3.3.90)

For a while, we have heard concerns from a couple of Anti-virus vendors that they thought our marketing was a bit too hopeful, and in some cases we advertised performance gains related to cleaning of the registry that we were not able to guarantee for all users.

We’ve listened to these concerns, and also found in our own testing that, particularly on newer Windows 10 machines, the effects of cleaning the registry are less obvious than for older machines. With our new app design we hope that this is more clear.

In clear terms what this means is:

Previous versions of the DLL-files Fixer app may have had some functions and communication blocked by anti-virus programs and external Firewalls. The reason for this was not that our app was considered a virus, but because of what’s known as a PUP or PUA detection, a category that includes software with undetermined status, unknown effects, and possibly unwanted behavior such as installing without user consent.

It might take a couple of days for some Anti-virus vendors to update their services, but basically from this week on you should not experience any Anti-virus products interfering with how the Fixer app works. If that is still the case, please contact us immediately so that we can investigate.

The update also includes:

Improved logging of actions.
Improved translations to all languages.
Changes to Registry Scan Results UI.
Changes to exit messages.
Changes to app launch with Windows behavior. When app launch is accepted, app will no longer launch and run in background, but will ask for consent to run in main app UI.

Most of these changes will be apparent to new users mainly, but some changes to Status Tab and Registry Scan section will be apparent to all users, new and old.

We hope you like the changes!


Release of DLL-Files Fixer v.3.3

100,000 Facebook Likes, This Is The DLL-files Community

We’ve just reached 100,000 Likes on Facebook, You guys are awesome and we Liiiike you too!

In celebration we thought it would be fun to share some stats on our Community, check the infographic!





We thank you for your support and hope we can continue building this community for the benefit of all!



Bjorn Sundqvist

Market Manager –


100,000 Facebook Likes, This Is The DLL-files Community

Why You Should Backup – 26% of all hard drives fail within the first 4 years

Did you know that 26% of all hard drives fail within the first 4 years?

Broken drive

That’s right, 26% failure rate on hard drives. That means complete breakdown. All your files, photos, important cat videos and not so important business documents are all gone. Think about it, we keep putting more and more of our lives into digital form, but how do we secure that data?

Consistent and reliable backup is the answer and it’s more important than ever. What would happen if your hard drive failed today? Stay ahead of the curve, be prepared and get iDrive to backup all your files.

iDrive big banner 2

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Why You Should Backup – 26% of all hard drives fail within the first 4 years

7 Things You Need To Do To Keep Your Computer In Shape.


The best ways to keep your computer error free and running for a longer time is to do regular maintenance. Most importantly, make sure you have an updated Anti-virus on there, and do your regular system and program updates and patches.

Next, Grab a copy of PC Mechanic here. It’s a great tool that can help you uninstall old programs you don’t use, clear out junk files, registry bloat, manage autostart processes and defrag/optimize your drives. It will greatly help you maintain your system.


Why You Should Keep Your System In Shape

Chances are, you’re here because you have seen a pretty nasty message on your screen. Something like this one

Windows 8 blue screen

Or even worse, this one:


That’s scary stuff, you’re thinking; how did this happen? What do I do now? And Gods how long ago did I back this thing up!? If you’re like most other people, you won’t have an immediate answer to any of those three questions.

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7 Things You Need To Do To Keep Your Computer In Shape.

Announcing DLL-Files Fixer release v3.2

Announcing DLL-Files Fixer release v3.2!

We are very excited to announce a new release for our DLL-Files Fixer software! This latest version takes into account many user-requests from the past few months and comes with exciting new features.

For an optimal experience and maximum security we urge you to update to the latest version NOW!

Notable features:

  • Advanced Installation Option: If you don’t want to install the file(s) recommended by our search algorithms, you can choose advanced installation, where you pick exactly which version of the DLL file you need to install, and specify which specific location on your computer to install it to. This is particularly useful for custom applications that typically come bundled with their own distinct .dll files, as well as for PC Games that often look to find DLLs in their own root folder rather than the machine System folder.

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Announcing DLL-Files Fixer release v3.2

Happy Single Awareness Day! ❤

Happy Single Awareness Day! ❤ (and 50% discount)


Who needs a Valentine? Tomorrow is NOT for love birds, tomorrow is Single Awareness Day (S.A.D.), it’s a day when we celebrate how great it is to be Single. A Day to celebrate that we are Free. A Day to celebrate Things That Truly Matter (TTTM, FYI).

Happy Single Awareness Day!
Happy Single Awareness Day!


Candlelit dinner with the spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend? No Way, more like a pizza and a bag of chips!

Join us in celebration of this special holiday and post YOUR S.A.D. Things That Truly Matter (TTTMs) in the comments!


TTTM #1: My computer. Take extra loving care for it this S.A.D. Make sure your anti virus is active and up to date. Make sure you have gone through those 2999 Windows updates you’ve postponed since MidSummer 2013. Got some new PC Games since Christmas? Update your drivers, Get Driver Scanner to help you out, and make sure your DLL-Files Fixer is updated (You DO have DLL-Files Fixer on your PC right?) Give it a good run-through to clean out errors on your computer. Why not defrag that old girl once? Show your PC some love!

If you don’t have a valid license, grab a DLL-Files Fixer key here at 50% off!*


TTTM#2: My Whiskey. Why not dust off those bottles a bit? If you’re like me, you’ve got a few that you’re saving for a special occasion. Give them a good rub, and open a couple: This is S.A.D., that’s a special occasion!


TTTM#3: My Friends. This one is simple, invite a few, throw a party, celebrate your friendship and (be a giver, come on) let them taste those special whiskeys from #2 above :)

Friends abroad? Have them Skype in and join the party from wherever they are!


TTTM#4: My Family. This one can be a bit trickier. Do you really want to give your beer-drinking aunt or Bailey’s-drinking uncle some of that expensive Whiskey? I dunno, maybe give them a call and say hi instead? 😉


TTTM#5: My Computer. I know I know I know, this one’s already been used. But seriously, I spend more time on the computer than I do drinking whiskey. I see my computer more times than any one of my individual friends. Frankly, I talk to my computer (well, yell, but still) more than I speak to anyone in my family. My computer deserves both First AND Last place on this list. Take care of your computer this S.A.D.!

Don’t forget, you can get a 50% discount of DLL-Files Fixer here* to help you out.


Join us in celebration of this special holiday and post YOUR S.A.D.  Things That Truly Matter (TTTMs) in the comments!



Bjorn – Marketing Manager

*Offer valid until Monday 16th Feb.



Happy Single Awareness Day! ❤

DLL-Files Fixer New Version Release June 19th 2014

Announcing DLL-Files Fixer release

After a slight delay, we’re happy to announce a new release for our DLL-Files Fixer software! This latest version takes into account many user-requests from the past few months and prepares for the next major update to be released after the summer. STAY TUNED!

For an optimal experience and maximum security we urge you to update to the latest version NOW! Use the in-app updater (from the help menu) or download a fresh version here

Notable features:

  • Backup of files installed: From now on, whenever you overwrite a dll-file to a new version a backup of the original will be saved. This facilitates troubleshooting and allows for a simple rollback if new issues appear. Location: Start menu -> “Run”: %AppData%\\Fixer\Version 1.0\backup_overwrite
  • Improved interaction with support through the “send feedback” dialogue can be accessed after every file installation, this will allow faster resolution to your issues.
  • Bug fix on scheduler, this should now set proper times and allow removal of scheduling when requested through the ‘settings’ page.
  • Bug fix on some cases where a graphical glitch appeared as a blank page when cancelling an action – resolved.
  • Error messages when a file installation fails should now give proper instructions for troubleshooting.
  • Bug fix on overwriting of files which sometimes caused the file to become write-protected, making it difficult to troubleshoot.


We continue to work hard on improving features in the DLL-Files Fixer as well as adding new features that are needed to bring it to the next level.
Have anything to add? Let us know in the comments if YOU think something is missing, or there’s a feature/function we can add that would make your life easier!


Best Regards

Bjorn Sundqvist – Market Manager


DLL-Files Fixer New Version Release June 19th 2014

New Fixer Release Feb 2014

DLL-Files Fixer Release notice:

We released an update to the Fixer this afternoon, v3.1.81.2877. Included in this update:

  • Bug fixes on UI and support interaction.
  • Improved file serving algorithm to more accurately distinguish version/system match.
  • Improved error logging and user instructions (including more accurate language translations to 14 of our 20 supported languages).


For optimal experience we recommend all users upgrade immediately, either through the desktop Fixer client or download and install a new version


Regards Team

New Fixer Release Feb 2014

Happy Halloween from!

Many parts of the world are already gearing up for a great Halloween weekend, packed with (un)equal parts family time and party time. Being an IT company, of course we’re thinking less of dressing up for a Halloween Party, and are taking it online!
We’re going as a dll-error on an iPhone:

DLL-errors finally on iPhone!
DLL-error finally on iPhone!

For the record, this image is staged, but we absolutely feel that Microsoft should be allowed to do OS on iPhone! (Double our market!)
To all those who celebrate Halloween, have a great weekend! And since other parts of the world celebrate differently, Féliz Dia de los Muertos, o feliz Dia de Finados, or happy All Saint’s Day.


Happy Halloween from!

Google Warning is Gone! Fixer confirmed Clean…

Finally, after more than SIX weeks of hunting for answers, Google have relented and begun removing the warning on our website, shown to Chrome users when downloading our software. It is still unclear why we were flagged in the first place. Google have been unable to provide us with details on what their scans found, Malware signatures or the like. All indications are that the scan resulted in a false positive warning that has taken some time to be removed.

We always have and always will take extensive measures to make sure all our individual downloads are safe, still it’s not a bad idea to double check all downloads in an external engine. There are several free online services, like, that let you upload a file and search it using all major anti-virus and anti-malware engines at the same time.

In any case, site and software are now once again confirmed clean by Google/Chrome, as well as major AV and anti-malware engines. We can once again reassure our 5Million monthly visitors that our service is entirely safe and the best place on the net for .dll-files!

Have a great weekend everyone, and happy .dll-hunting!
/Björn Sundqvist
Market Manager at Tilf AB

Google Warning is Gone! Fixer confirmed Clean…