Google Warning is Gone! Fixer confirmed Clean…

Finally, after more than SIX weeks of hunting for answers, Google have relented and begun removing the warning on our website, shown to Chrome users when downloading our software. It is still unclear why we were flagged in the first place. Google have been unable to provide us with details on what their scans found, Malware signatures or the like. All indications are that the scan resulted in a false positive warning that has taken some time to be removed.

We always have and always will take extensive measures to make sure all our individual downloads are safe, still it’s not a bad idea to double check all downloads in an external engine. There are several free online services, like, that let you upload a file and search it using all major anti-virus and anti-malware engines at the same time.

In any case, site and software are now once again confirmed clean by Google/Chrome, as well as major AV and anti-malware engines. We can once again reassure our 5Million monthly visitors that our service is entirely safe and the best place on the net for .dll-files!

Have a great weekend everyone, and happy .dll-hunting!
/Björn Sundqvist
Market Manager at Tilf AB

Google Warning is Gone! Fixer confirmed Clean…

A journey through time…

What was the web like back in 1998 digi theme?


To begin with, the web was spun by a smaller spider, that’s for sure. Fewer sites and fewer options is reflected in the comparably low user ratings. In 1998, about 3.5% of the world’s population were online, today it’s well over 30%.

Interconnectivity between people and sites is greater, social media has exploded on the market, and designs are more flexible than ever. For instance, our web address started out at a local host in Sweden and an early version looked like this: circa 2000 circa 2000



As compared to our current website design

And what about the most popular sites in 1998?
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A journey through time…

DLL-Files Fixer v3.0

Hi Everyone!
We will release a new update to the Fixer software this afternoon, version 3.0. This includes, among smaller bug fixes:

An updated more intuitive UI Tab structure. This organizes all the ‘action’ tabs together for easy access.
Added the “Registry Optimizer” function that will also defrag the registry. This will complement and improve on the registry cleaners’ function, especially for older systems.
Improved scan results’ descriptions and export function, making it easier to review the suggested cleaner operations.
Clearer user information about actions taken in the software, in the form of UI pop up prompts.

We suggest that you update your Fixers now for optimal functionality!

DLL-Files Fixer v3.0

DLL-Files Fixer Win 8 Compatible!

Hi all!

I am happy to say that we finally have a fully functional Win 8 version of our DLL-Files Fixer. It took us a little longer to iron out the kinks than we had thought and for this we apologize. But finally we can say that we now have full support for every system ranging from Win XP all through to the latest Win 8, an estimated 82% of all PC users according to The newest version is so if you have an older version, we suggest you upload now for all new features and bug fixes. The only thing you need to do is update to the latest version of the Fixer directly from the program. Just start the Fixer, go to “Help”->”Check for Updates” and accept the new package.

If your current system is missing our DLL-Files Fixer, you can download a Trial Version, see if you like it and purchase a license key later to unlock the premium features.


Best Regards

Björn Sundqvist

Market Manager

Win 8 Compatible DLL-Files Fixer
Win 8 Compatible DLL-Files Fixer
DLL-Files Fixer Win 8 Compatible!