DLL-files.com is getting a makeover!

We’re launching a new website and product!

We just finished up a long term project upgrading both our website dll-files.com and our product offering.

You will notice a new website design, with the aim of making the site easier to navigate and better server all our different visitors. We hope you will like it as much as we do!

We have also launched a brand new product: DLL-files.com Client. The new Client is focused entirely on solving DLL errors on any Windows PC, new or old. Updated functionality will provide better matching which ensures better DLL error fixing depending on your personal machine setup. Best of all, it’s a one off payment to get it;

Lifetime license FTW!

We have streamlined the UI based on feedback from our customers making it more intuitive and easy to use. It looks nicer, yes, but most importantly this new product does not include a Registry Cleaner module.


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  • Price to Purchase:    $29.95* – Lifetime License
  • DLL error Fixes:        Fix unlimited DLL errors
  • Registry Cleaner:      Not included
  • Updates:                    All future product updates included
  • Support:                    Email and Live Chat support


Buy DLL-files.com Client

*Base price, variations occur depending on your local currency

moneybackguarantee-color-correctedEvery DLL-files.com Client purchase includes a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked! So you can feel 100% confident about your purchase.



What are the main benefits?

Fast, simple installation

Don’t waste precious hours troubleshooting and searching for reliable information all over the web. DLL-files.com Client locates the files you need and solves your DLL error in one click. Works with any Windows PC, 32-bit and 64-bit, including Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP


Save big money

Avoid the cost, eff­ort, and lost time involved in taking your PC to a repair shop. Hiring a professional to repair your PC can cost hundreds of dollars: fixing the DLL error with the DLL-files.com Client costs just $29.95*, with full support and a lifetime license.


Total peace of mind

DLL errors can appear with any program at any time. DLL-files.com Client fixes your immediate error, and can solve any potential future DLL errors.


Why all the changes, and where’s the registry cleaner?

The old DLL-Files Fixer originally included a Registry Cleaner module because when we built it in 2011 it provided great benefits for older machines, in particular Windows XP and Vista systems, which were still popular then.

However, along with other improvements in Windows the need for cleaning the registry is not that great any longer on the new generation of Windows computers. It still works, the idea of a registry cleaner is still technically viable, but the real, noticeable benefits are simply not there any longer.

This is also the reason why, last year, several Anti-virus companies decided that they were going to start labelling all registry cleaner products “PUP” (potentially unwanted programs) because they felt that the benefits did not outweigh the risk that comes with allowing a third party program access to the Windows Registry on client machines. The Registry is, after all, the central archive of the Windows system. If something here is done incorrectly it can cause problems for the computer.

This decision, while some may call it unfair and excessive, does kind of make sense. The result was that our product DLL-Files Fixer was receiving a bad reputation in some circles and we simply did not want that.

We take pride in our service and prefer to remove this module in the new version of our software to provide a safe and secure option for all our customers. We spent five years improving the DLL-Files Fixer and will bring that experience to focus all our efforts on making the new DLL-Files.com Client the best it can be from now on.

We also figured that if we were going to release a new software product, we might as well update the website as well 🙂


Should I stop using Registry Cleaners?

Well, that’s entirely up to you. All we’re saying is that because they are less effective today than they used to be, we won’t be making one anymore. But as noted above, Registry Cleaners still do their part and can still be quite effective for older machines. For example a Windows XP, Vista or 7 computer that’s been around for a few years.

But if you have a 1 year old PC running Windows 10, a Registry Cleaner will not necessarily improve the performance of your PC significantly. It can still help, but not as much.


What happens to the DLL-files Fixer?

Don’t worry, we will continue supporting it as is for a while yet, but we will focus all our efforts on improving the new DLL-Files.com Client, so no more updates for the Fixer will be issued.

What this means is that we commit to ensure that it will continue working fully for at least a few years, or until our customers’ licenses have expired.


For now I have hope you like the updates we have done. If you have any feedback for us, about the site or the new software, we very much look forward to hearing from you: send anything to feedback@dll-files.com, cool thanks!



Team DLL-files.com


DLL-files.com is getting a makeover!

Season’s Greetings, 50% Discounts, Updates & More from DLL-Files.com!

Happy Holidays Everyone from us here at DLL-Files.com!



Many of us get some well-deserved time off over the holidays this time of year. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or maybe just take a couple of days off for the New Year, I’ll bet it’s worth it!

Here at dll-files.com we’ve had an incredible year with lots of stuff happening, both in developing the website and our software. We’ve also had the best year ever in terms of growth and we’d like to celebrate that achievement with you guys and gals who make it so! So, I’ve got a great offer for you today, Read on to see what it is!

Continue reading “Season’s Greetings, 50% Discounts, Updates & More from DLL-Files.com!”

Season’s Greetings, 50% Discounts, Updates & More from DLL-Files.com!

Google Warning is Gone! Fixer confirmed Clean…

Finally, after more than SIX weeks of hunting for answers, Google have relented and begun removing the warning on our website, shown to Chrome users when downloading our software. It is still unclear why we were flagged in the first place. Google have been unable to provide us with details on what their scans found, Malware signatures or the like. All indications are that the scan resulted in a false positive warning that has taken some time to be removed.

We always have and always will take extensive measures to make sure all our individual downloads are safe, still it’s not a bad idea to double check all downloads in an external engine. There are several free online services, like virustotal.com, that let you upload a file and search it using all major anti-virus and anti-malware engines at the same time.

In any case, site and software are now once again confirmed clean by Google/Chrome, as well as major AV and anti-malware engines. We can once again reassure our 5Million monthly visitors that our service is entirely safe and the best place on the net for .dll-files!

Have a great weekend everyone, and happy .dll-hunting!
/Björn Sundqvist
Market Manager DLL-Files.com at Tilf AB

Google Warning is Gone! Fixer confirmed Clean…

DLL-Files Fixer v3.0

Hi Everyone!
We will release a new update to the Fixer software this afternoon, version 3.0. This includes, among smaller bug fixes:

An updated more intuitive UI Tab structure. This organizes all the ‘action’ tabs together for easy access.
Added the “Registry Optimizer” function that will also defrag the registry. This will complement and improve on the registry cleaners’ function, especially for older systems.
Improved scan results’ descriptions and export function, making it easier to review the suggested cleaner operations.
Clearer user information about actions taken in the software, in the form of UI pop up prompts.

We suggest that you update your Fixers now for optimal functionality!

DLL-Files Fixer v3.0

DLL-Files Fixer Win 8 Compatible!

Hi all!

I am happy to say that we finally have a fully functional Win 8 version of our DLL-Files Fixer. It took us a little longer to iron out the kinks than we had thought and for this we apologize. But finally we can say that we now have full support for every system ranging from Win XP all through to the latest Win 8, an estimated 82% of all PC users according to W3schools.com. The newest version is so if you have an older version, we suggest you upload now for all new features and bug fixes. The only thing you need to do is update to the latest version of the Fixer directly from the program. Just start the Fixer, go to “Help”->”Check for Updates” and accept the new package.

If your current system is missing our DLL-Files Fixer, you can download a Trial Version, see if you like it and purchase a license key later to unlock the premium features.


Best Regards

Björn Sundqvist

Market Manager DLL-Files.com

Win 8 Compatible DLL-Files Fixer
Win 8 Compatible DLL-Files Fixer
DLL-Files Fixer Win 8 Compatible!