Why You Should Backup – 26% of all hard drives fail within the first 4 years

Did you know that 26% of all hard drives fail within the first 4 years?

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That’s right, 26% failure rate on hard drives. That means complete breakdown. All your files, photos, important cat videos and not so important business documents are all gone. Think about it, we keep putting more and more of our lives into digital form, but how do we secure that data?

Consistent and reliable backup is the answer and it’s more important than ever. What would happen if your hard drive failed today? Stay ahead of the curve, be prepared and get iDrive to backup all your files.

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Why Get iDrive?

iDrive consistently gets top marks by independent reviewers for ease of use, great value, and high speed of its service.

  • Unlike many other similar packages, you get to use it to synch your data between an unlimited number of devices. Most others will charge you per device.
  • Of course, fully compatible with any device from PC to Mac, Android and iOS.
  • 5GB Free space, if you need more, the upgrade gives you 1TB of data and up to 10 historical versions.
  • With its 256-bit AES encryption, it’s as safe as it comes.
  • High speed connection, and they even offer a physical drive for your first backup to save time.


Backup Your Data For A Rainy Day

Hard drive failure is one of the more common reasons for data loss seen in modern computers today, and one of the main reasons for people losing large volumes of files. Another common reason for people losing their files is due to malware infection. However, if you back up your files there’s no reason to lose sleep anymore because your files are safe anyway.


A recent study by Panda Antivirus finds an estimated 36% of all PCs worldwide are currently infected by malware, with 225,000 new threats found every day.

At the same time, 67% of people stand to lose more than a year of data while 29% will lose everything, as they’ve never backed up a single thing. If you’re like me, and spend your entire day working with the PC, that’s a pretty chilling statistic.

You know what’s funny though? 68% of those who don’t backup their data do it because they don’t think they need to, all the while 48% of all people are scared of losing photos from their PCs.

Think again, and don’t be the one who lost all your family pictures, or business records or whatever. With the modern backup software of today it’s REAL simple to backup all your stuff. iDrive will show ya!


There it is, stay safe and protect your data.


Bjorn Sundqvist

Market Manager DLL-files.com


Why You Should Backup – 26% of all hard drives fail within the first 4 years

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