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DLL-Files Fixer New Version Release June 19th 2014

Posted on Thursday, 19th June 2014 by Björn Sundqvist

Announcing DLL-Files Fixer release

After a slight delay, we’re happy to announce a new release for our DLL-Files Fixer software! This latest version takes into account many user-requests from the past few months and prepares for the next major update to be released after the summer. STAY TUNED!

For an optimal experience and maximum security we urge you to update to the latest version NOW! Use the in-app updater (from the help menu) or download a fresh version here

Notable features:

  • Backup of files installed: From now on, whenever you overwrite a dll-file to a new version a backup of the original will be saved. This facilitates troubleshooting and allows for a simple rollback if new issues appear. Location: Start menu -> “Run”: %AppData%\dll-files.com\Fixer\Version 1.0\backup_overwrite
  • Improved interaction with support through the “send feedback” dialogue can be accessed after every file installation, this will allow faster resolution to your issues.
  • Bug fix on scheduler, this should now set proper times and allow removal of scheduling when requested through the ‘settings’ page.
  • Bug fix on some cases where a graphical glitch appeared as a blank page when cancelling an action – resolved.
  • Error messages when a file installation fails should now give proper instructions for troubleshooting.
  • Bug fix on overwriting of files which sometimes caused the file to become write-protected, making it difficult to troubleshoot.


We continue to work hard on improving features in the DLL-Files Fixer as well as adding new features that are needed to bring it to the next level.
Have anything to add? Let us know in the comments if YOU think something is missing, or there’s a feature/function we can add that would make your life easier!


Best Regards

Bjorn Sundqvist – Market Manager DLL-Files.com


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